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Welcome. This site is under construction... updating site FROM August 6th 2002

This site is intended for myself and my friends, including my "team" of gamers. It will have game reviews, some "fun stuff", profiles for the team, etc. Few downloads will be available due to bandwidth and the ultra-slow upload speeds of tripod, but I'll throw a few in if they're worthy. Anyways, enjoy it as new stuff comes along. I'll do my best to make sure it's interesting. All news dates are sorted by date, newest being at the top.

October 1st 2002 - School sucks major ass. Sure, I'm getting a 90% average, it just plain sucks anyways :P Stephanie and I started going out on the 9th of Sept!! Best girl that's ever come into my life, and I'm really damn lucky to be with her. Yes I know I'm a little late with the updates here... "but frankly, [my darling] I don't give a damn." [/gone with the wind]
I've been sick for the last week... that sucks more than school. And damn, I'm pretty freaking negative right now. It's 3am, I'm tired, still sick, and I have a law test in...9 hours. Wow I need to sleep. umm expect some updates some time in the year heh. L8R, people.

September 3rd 2002 - Freaking school is starting!! AARRGGGHHH!!! Dunno whether to be happy that I'm only months away from it all being over, or if I should go get freaky all over town cuz of annoyance. Ehh... oh well, I got my courses, and already met some friends that have some classes with me. I got a webcam a few days ago, kinda neat... has decent resolution (640x480 @ 60hz), and the noise is pretty good, as long as you arent in the dark. Been really lazy for the last few weeks, explains the last update being just under a month ago! Things are coming along quite well otherwise, friends, family, everything is coming together again. I feel great--much better than I have in a long time. I guess it's the special someone, Starbuck, that's keeping my mind positive and optimistic. Shit, if she disappeared from my life, I dunno WHAT I would do! uhh anyway, I'm hungry, and I've been rambing on too much already. Go check out PvP or something... Ciao!

August 8th 2002 - I've finally resolved the hard drive failure! Damn windows sucks... same as Microslut. Oh well, better than linux or.... MACS. gaaaa...
anyways, its great to be back on track again, expect some more site content soon. I'm really proud of the cool image I did yesterday, still got it on my desktop :)
ohh shit... I really gotta get to bed. It's 4am.

August 6th 2002 - Completed an image for a special someone, this thing took me ages! but hey--it was fun and it's worth it in the end! I'm sure you can tell :P
It's a really detailed image, lost a little when shrinking it to desktop standard size, but it still has most of it! if you zoom into the girl, you can see her eyes are green! :D you wouldn't care obviously, but it's more significant to me because that girl is actually who the image was made for. ENJOY!

Special image for "S," (note: image is resized (dimentions and quality) for frameset... download the image to view it in its original proportions)

Download this image

August 5th 2002 - I'm still recovering from a massive hard drive failure. This site cannot be completed in a reasonable time, expect at least a month from now before it gets out of this ghetto "useless crap on the net" phase, as the site's original content was lost... plus I've got lots of shit to do, so don't expect any significant changes until I get stuff done--a piece of art for a special friend "S", and recovery of the hard drive's functionality. For now, enjoy this...

Download Ghostland - Interview with the Angel
Bandwidth limited... if you can't get the file, try again in an hour. It's worth it!